Henning Gouws
Henning Gouws Trillium Advertising
Thank you for your excellence as a trainer in the Fast Track NLP Practitioners training. You and Simon compliment each other greatly in terms of strengths and approach and together created a very safe space for us to go through our “stuff”. You have reinforced techniques I have used for ages, not knowing where they came from and introduced me to new techniques that have been life changing. Natasha, a new Universe with endless possibilities called Time Line Therapy has also opened up for me and my clients. I appreciated your knowledge and patience in explaining some very new techniques and concepts. I would recommend your training to everyone! Regards, Henning Gouws, Creative Director and Owner Trillium Advertising Johannesburg, South Africa PS. Natasha, you flexibility and your willingness to be organic about the training and adapting it to allow me to complete the TLT and Hypnotherapy sections was much appreciated. Thank you!
Ricardo Branco
Ricardo Branco Director of the Standard Group (Retired)
Natasha is one of the finest teachers and human beings I have come across in my life time. Since going through her training and guidance, my life has changed far beyond what I could have possibly imagined. The value I gained from Natasha’s training is far greater than all the previous trainings in other subjects I have done. She really truly knows her NLP, Time line therapy and Hypnosis, and provides an extremely positive and unique experience. I irrevocably recommend Natasha to anyone that wants to learn the techniques and wants to embrace a rewarding new life style and requires some positive changes of their own and the people around them. Thank you Natasha!!” Ricardo Branco, Senior Executive Director of the Standard Group (Retired) Johannesburg, South Africa.
P. Potter
P. Potter Public Servant
 The NLP Practitioner Course has forever changed my life. The learnings from this course have finally given me the answers I have been seeking for so long – “Why we do the things we do”.  And now thanks to this course, I fully understand why I have been creating the good and bad in my life….but more importantly, I have learned that I can deliberately create the life I want.  What a relief!!   My eyes have been opened up to the endless possibilities of positively taking control of my life through NLP.  I am humbled by this newly acquired knowledge.   Natasha is an excellent trainer and helped me fully understand every question I had along the way.  She was tireless in teaching the material and I regard her is a true NLP professional trainer.  I will definitely take the next course taught by her, which is the Master Practitioner Course, so that I can deepen my learning of NLP.  If you are looking for a way to truly know and understand yourself and others, then I would highly recommend the NLP Practitioner Course with Natasha.  You will not see the world the same way afterwards and I’m willing to bet you’ll be grateful for this new awakening.   P.S.  This is the best investment I have EVER made in myself! Love and light to all that read my testimonial!”   P.  Potter- Ottawa
S. Bernier
S. Bernier Public Servant
 La programmation neuro-linguistique (PNL) est une occasion unique de réaliser le pouvoir que chacun détient sur lui-même. Cheminant à travers différents modules, l’étudiant découvre sa force intérieure et l’utilise écologiquement en sa faveur. En ces temps de questionnements intrinsèques sur le développement personnel, la PNL est un outil de prévention et de réalisation de notre ample capacité à produire tant nos désagréments quotidiens que nos plus grands rêves. Sans nier le fonctionnement routinier habituel, la PNL l’explique et développe la résilience à l’accepter ; elle constitue aussi un l’outil adéquat pour changer et faire de nous des êtres volontairement responsables de notre vie. C’est ainsi que je résume le cours de PNL que j’ai suivi. Je profite de l’occasion pour remercier Natasha pour son dynamisme et sa compétence. Elle m’a démontré le caractère naturel de mon potentiel humain.”  S. Bernier- Ottawa