NLP Master Practitioner Certification

FasTrak 14-Day NLP Master Practitioner® Certification Training

The Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner Training is presented by Natasha Skibola, Certified Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching

FasTrak 14-Day NLP Master Practitioner Training Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one of the most advanced technologies for creating human change both in individuals and groups in Business, Education, On-Going Coaching and Therapy. NLP is an art and a science. At the Practitioner level training you learned the science of NLP; at the Master Practitioner level you learn the art of NLP. Once again utilizing the technologies of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnosis, these skills move to the next level as you learn, gain mastery and integrate a whole new set of powerful techniques. Add to this a thorough understanding of Values and you achieve mastery in coaching your clients to create the changes they seek. Dr. Tad James is the creator of the FasTrak NLP training format, the creator of Time Line Therapy®, and the author of 7 books in the field. We use Dr. James model for highly effective learning and you achieve Master level certification in just 14 days.

When you successfully complete this training you will receive four certifications:

  1. NLP Master Practitioner
  2. Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner
  3. Master Hypnotherapist
  4. NLP Master Coach

1. NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Quantum Linguistics – Conversational Change

  • Learn how to use verb tense to conversationally put present problems in the past and future solutions in the present
  • Learn how to use language with volition as a resource for success
  • Discover how easy it is to change limiting beliefs unobtrusively, during conversation
  • Sleight of Mouth language patterns – 16 ways to answer any objection • Meta-Model III – How to use a set of specific questions to direct your client’s thinking in a more positive way
  • A negotiation model that always produces results
  • Prime Concerns – Discover deep unconscious sources of unhappiness

Personal Values

  • Discover what motivates you and the driving force behind your conscious and unconscious choices
  • Learn to complete a Values Elicitation
  • Identify Values which no longer support or serve you and create change
  • Identify and remove unconscious Values conflicts
  • How thinking and Values levels influence personal evolution
  • Change Values to support growth and development
  • Learn to complete and evaluate a full scale Values Inventory
  • How to complete a Values Alignment in business, organizations, management and personal relationships


  • Identify the unconscious inner patterns that define who you are
  • Discover how these powerful determinants of personality lead people to have different skills and abilities
  • Learn how to elicit Metaprograms conversationally
  • Learn how to use Values and Metaprograms in business, sales, management and employee recruitment to create strong teams and employee satisfaction

Advanced Submodalities

  • Using neurological drivers to create lasting change
  • Learn to create designer SWISH patterns to suit individual client needs

Advanced Strategies

  • Use the Logical Levels of Therapy process for formal and informal strategy installation and change
  • Advanced elicitation of strategies in business, relationships and therapy


  • How to model excellence in others and then install the model in yourself
  • How to create a training program to install models of excellence

NLP and Quantum Physics

  • Simple introduction to quantum physics and personal change
  • How to use the principles with NLP techniques to create change with individuals
  • The Holographic Universe and how spontaneous healing occurs

Personal Breakthrough Coaching

• How to deliver personal breakthrough sessions for therapy and business

• Experience giving and receiving a 5 hour breakthrough session during the training

and a whole lot more… including Hierarchy of Ideas, Logical Levels, the International Meta Medicine Model Protocols, and Advanced Parts Integration.


2. Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner Certification

  • Taking a detailed personal history
  • Releasing negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, old hurts and guilt from the past
  • How to carry out a complete Breakthrough Session with your client (tailored for business, personal therapy or education)
  • Deleting limiting decisions and beliefs (advanced explanation)
  • Creating Your Future® Processes
  • Using Time Line Therapy® techniques to assist clients in alleviating the symptomology that looks like disease
  • Advanced Quantum Techniques

Plus…Get total control of your life:

  • Discover how to find hidden, unconscious patterns – yours and other’s internal blocks
  • Past Life Regression Techniques
  • Eliminate pesky emotions that continue to bother you
  • Learn how to visualize your future so it’s more compelling, motivating and exciting for you.

3. Master Hypnotherapist Certification

  • Learn the hypnosis techniques of three acknowledged masters: Erickson, Estabrook and Elman
  • Use the full continuum of trance inductions: direct-authoritarian, indirect-permissive and client-centered
  • Become masterful in inducing all the classic hypnotic phenomena including full-body catalepsy
  • The hypnotic general healing paradigm using ideo-motor signaling to communicate to the Unconscious Mind

4. NLP Master Coach Certification

  • Coaching Meta-Programs for Job/Employee alignment and HR management
  • Master Communication techniques
  • Executive Coaching Protocols that guarantee results
  • The Breakthrough Process: The step by step process to move an individual or an employee through challenges and into success
  • Creating Your Future® Coaching Process
  • Values Alignment Process for Team Cohesion and Success
  • Advanced Values Assessment tools, including the steps to traverse Values Levels
  • Advanced paradigms for health, relationship and pain cessation

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REMEMBER! This Training meets the standards of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming so your certification has worldwide recognition.

It is also approved by the Time Line Therapy™ Association and the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

FasTrak NLP Master Practitioner Certification® Training: Total Investment: 4,500 $ plus taxes.

Download a copy of our FasTrack NLP Master Practitioner flyer:

For more information contact: Natasha Skibola – or 819-661-7148